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For many, the first interaction with blockchain technology is an investment in cryptocurrency. While that may be the first use case, it’s far from the only one; blockchain technology is starting moving away from solely powering cryptocurrencies towards much wider use. Blockchain has the potential to one day underpin allContinue Reading

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The cryptocurrency market is the fastest growing economy in the world today, but it has failed to gain its success and popularity unlike the other traditional financial institutions like Forex. Cryptocurrency is a fairly new concept and over the years it has attracted many investors. Some of them, however, areContinue Reading

Blockchain is pitched as a technology to power the next iteration of the internet – the decentralized web, or web3. Defining centralization Before considering the decentralized internet, it’s important to understand how the internet is currently “centralized” and problems this creates. “Centralization” as the opposite to “decentralization” in today’s tech-speakContinue Reading

Ocean Protocol’s ongoing hackathon is bringing together blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and the IoT to help solve the COVID-19 pandemic. Key Takeaways Ocean Protocol saw the pandemic coming long before it was officially identified by many experts. To help combat further spread, the project has tied with SingularityNET another decentralizedContinue Reading

Ember Fund is a startup that aims to make it simple for everyday folks to buy into managed, non-custodial cryptocurrency portfolios. That mission is now closer than ever to happening upon the company’s recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-compliant raise.This week, the completion of Ember Fund’s crowdfunding campaign on popularContinue Reading

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