The largest iGaming token by market cap rolls out XFUN token, XFUN Wallet, and XFUN Casino to bring decentralized, non-custodial gaming to the mainstream. GIBRALTAR, April 12, 2022 – FUNToken, the largest iGaming token by market cap, has successfully launched its high speed, low latency, and gas-free counterpart on theContinue Reading

Cryptocurrency mining, often known as crypto mining, is the process of validating transactions on a blockchain utilising computers with massive computational capacity. Cryptocurrency mining is something that any individual or organisation with enough hardware and software resources could previously perform, but as the field of mining expands and costs rise,Continue Reading

The development of blockchain industry has always been accompanied by innovation and technology iteration, and the corresponding crypto asset market also bursts into new vitality in every consolidation. Even if we were not able to discover and participate in the layout of some quality projects at the earliest time, everyContinue Reading