Cryptocurrency is the ultimate gamechanger of the global financial system. Digital currency can shape futuristic entertainment industries. Since cryptocurrencies offer the scope of digitalizing the financial system for good, many countries are now enabling the use of cryptocurrencies for entertainment purposes. At present, one of the biggest examples of the use of cryptocurrencies in entertainment mediums is the development of crypto casinos.

In the past few years, the sudden boom of cryptocurrencies had a great impact on the rise of new innovative coins. Because of its immense popularity, accessibility to online casinos has become easier than before. However, it is not all easy job to secure a trustworthy reputation amongst the alert gambling community. The list of undeniable expectations from the players is always changing depending on the latest trends. But we will not say it is impossible to meet all of them. As an example, we will talk in-depth about an online crypto-based casino that has consistently met the expectations of serious gamblers from almost every corner of the world.

In today’s review, we are putting CryptoGames under our spotlight.

Get to know the structure of CryptoGames:

Frequently referred to as one of the path makers of the gambling medium, CryptoGames is built on the foundations of responsible entertainment, efficiency, lightweight architecture, swift and secure financial exchange systems. The successful crypto casino is fully equipped with all the necessary components for the long run. It is secured with all the updated security protocols which support the safest transaction system for cryptocurrencies. CryptoGames offers multiple casino games with high reward value.

The User Interface:

CryptoGames approaches a neat composition for both user experience and user interface. The well-structured games do not heavily affect the devices in terms of integration since they are extremely lightweight. This also means that they can be accessed using any model of smart devices. The website is also designed to optimize the quality of the content with the simplest aesthetics. Players can find all the important content within their reach. This reduces the repetition of content around the website.  On top of that, players are provided with the facility of keeping a track of their ongoing and past bets with correct statistics. We must say the “dark theme” of the website impressed us thoroughly.

Sign-Up procedure:

One thing players of different gaming websites can agree on without a doubt is that lengthy registrations can result in disinterest in the website. But at CryptoGames’ website, the registration or sign-up procedure takes the least time possible. Users get direct access to their accounts and the casino’s features (except financial transactions) by registering for the first time. All they need to provide for the sign-up is their unique user names. Then the next step is to agree to all Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Anti Money Laundering Policy. This 3-step registration requires no more than 5 minutes. Unless of course, it takes you longer to find yourself a unique username. Although access to deposit, withdrawal, or exchange for cryptocurrencies is not offered for unregistered players, access to the “Play Money” feature is provided for all. The special in-house feature allows a player to explore the blueprints of the games without even being fully registered.

Tight Security:

As technology advances with every passing day, financial systems in entertainment sectors require unbreachable security at all times. If the transaction process of regular currencies carries the risk of being interrupted by hackers, then one can only imagine how cautious one must be with their cryptocurrencies. The ability to tackle any situation like that is, hence, the topmost priority for any online crypto casino. This is why CryptoGames comes fully prepared to ensure an unbreachable security system using ultra-modern protocols. The user accounts are always backed up by high-security measures. CryptoGames uses the two-factor authentication formed by the google 2FA application and SSL encryption. These security measures are highly reliable and safe for both beginners and veterans.

Swift Crypto Transactions:

CryptoGames has enabled 10 of the trending cryptocurrencies of all time. The games reward the winners in any of these cryptocurrencies. Before playing any of the games for real rewards, all players must deposit their desired amounts in cryptocurrencies/exchanges and transform them into credits. The 10 currencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash. Moreover, CryptoGames test currency, “Play Money” comes in handy for the players if they wish to the games without depositing an actual crypto coin.

Followed by the wide range of cryptocurrencies, an ample deposit/withdrawal system has collected many praiseworthy reviews. For creating the “Deposit” / “Withdrawal” addresses, users can click on the button that is on the top-right screen under the “Your Account” option. The two addresses must be different from each other. In case of any confusion, more information about the requirements for the deposits and withdrawals can be found in the FAQ section.

Newest Updates:

To keep up with the latest trends and users’ preferences, CryptoGames has recently added three new updates to their system. They have created a whole new game for their users, introduced a more efficient way to make deposits of Crypto funds and lastly, they have included a highly popular blockchain of the present time. Read along to know more about the three new updates in our detailed discussions.


10 Exciting Games:

As we have mentioned above, CryptoGames has recently launched one more game on their website. The game is called Dicev2, and it is a rendition of the crowd’s favorite, Dice. Including the recently added ones, the casino has enriched its list of available games with 8 other equally engaging games. For any serious gambler, these 9 games will ensure completely redesigned versions of casino favorites. To assist the first-time players or anyone struggling to understand the objectives of the games, there are helpful instructions. The games also come with keyboard shortcuts also known as hotkeys for faster gametime.


The game comes with simple guidelines and keyboard shortcuts. Dice has been redefined from the classic version into a modern version to suit the trends. The objective of the game is to roll the dice correctly between two conditions. Every winning roll will return a payout depending on the bet amount. Players must roll their dice under either one of these two conditions: Roll Over or Roll Under the bet amount. The range for dice lies between 0.000 and 99.999. Dice also offers an “Auto Bet” feature that places multiple bets automatically under customized settings and limits.


The classic 5-reel Slot Machine has a very simple objective. If players can spin the reels to end up with a winning combination of 5 symbols, then they will win. Otherwise, the round will be declared as a loss. The slot comes with directions and a guide to winning combinations. The modern, crypto-oriented version offers a 49.73% chance of winning. Since the order of the symbols in a combination does not matter, players find it easier to form strategies for winning bigger.


It comes with an auto bet feature, detailed guidelines for the game, and cards. The bets bring rewards only when the house dealer ends the game by losing. The objective of the game can be complete if players score 21 points from the first two cards. Or if they earn better points than the dealer. Moreover, a direct win is declared for the player whenever the house dealer exceeds 21. Blackjack offers the players 4 great options to form a possibly winning hand. The options are Double Down, Surrender, or Split. Betting limits for Blackjack is: 10 (0.000001 BTC, 0.00004 ETH, 0.00025 LTC, 0.00025 DASH, 0.00025 XMR, 0.0001 BCH, 1 DOGE, 0.005 GAS, 0.005 ETC, 0.00025 SOL) and up to (20,000,000 BTC credits, 8,000,000 ETH credits, 24,400,000 LTC credits, 22,400,000 DASH credits, 16,400,000 XMR credits, 18,000,000 BCH credits, 4,400,000 DOGE credits, 24,000,000 GAS credits, 3,800,000 ETC credits, 28,000,000 SOL credits).


The crypto-oriented European version of Roulette offers easy-to-understand rules and profiting rewards. The objective of the game is completed when the ball lands in an area where neighbor bets are placed. On a 37 number spinning wheel, players must aim to land their balls in a lucky slot. Point to remember, the wheel consists of only one 0. The neighbor bets can be set either automatically or manually. The automatic method has 4 options displayed for the players. And to set manually, betting chips must be are placed by stacking them on the betting mat. In Roulette, you can bet between 10 (0.000001 BTC, 0.00004 ETH, 0.00025 LTC, 0.00025 DASH, 0.00025 XMR, 0.0001 BCH, 1 DOGE, 0.005 GAS, 0.005 ETC, 0.00025 SOL) and up to (20,000,000 BTC credits, 8,000,000 ETH credits, 24,400,000 LTC credits, 22,400,000 DASH credits, 16,400,000 XMR credits, 18,000,000 BCH credits, 4,400,000 DOGE credits, 24,000,000 GAS credits, 3,800,000 ETC credits, 28,000,000 SOL credits).

Video Poker

Fans of the classic Poker game has all praises for the crypto-oriented Video Poker. The game has a simple objective. It is to form a winning hand that beats the hand of the house dealer. CryptoGames offers three additional versions of the game. Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker and Tens or Better. The maximum payout of Video Poker is often referred to as a Royal Flush. The chances of winning the royal flush are 1:649,740. Although it sounds almost impossible, video poker optimizes the chance of winning a royal flush by enabling the draw of additional cards (one card per hand). Considering that, the estimated odds of hitting a royal flush becomes approximately 1:40,390.


The game has been completely redefined into a modern crypto version from the classic televised version. Plinkos’ objective can be completed only by dropping the ball into a rewarding slot from the top of a pegged pyramid. Plinko is played using a ball that can come in 4 different shades. The 4 shades carry 4 different house edges and payout scales. Players are also compensated depending on the slot’s payout value. Bet limits for Plinko will depend on the colored balls. The limits lie between 10 (0.000001 BTC, 0.00004 ETH, 0.00025 LTC, 0.00025 DASH, 0.00025 XMR, 0.0001 BCH, 1 DOGE, 0.005 GAS, 0.005 ETC, 0.00025 SOL) and up to 2,000,000 BTC credits, 800,000 ETH credits, 2,440,000 LTC credits, 2,240,000 DASH credits, 1,640,000 XMR credits, 1,800,000 BCH credits, 440,000 DOGE credits, 2,400,000 GAS credits, 380,000 ETC credits, 2,800,000 SOL credits).


Minesweeper’s rules are simplified with modern touches. The crypto version offers a great option of cashing out before all tiles are turned on the minefield. By steering clear of multiple mines carefully, players can win bigger amounts. There are no hints or flags to detect the location of the mine. the minefield is made with 25 tiles that must be turned over to “clear” the field. The players are in full control of their payout amounts and the level of their minefield.


The recent update has already bagged a lot of reviews from excited players over the internet.  The game comes with a brand-new look that compliments the original version, Dice. The objective of the game is completed when the rolling dice lands on the green zone of the slider bar. The green zone on the slider bar is set according to the player’s preferences. As usual, both the bet size/amount and payout multiplier must be set beforehand. In Dicev2, the bigger risk you are willing to take, the lesser your odds of winning get. But at the same time, it means, you win-earn more. As the original version offered, players of DiceV2 will be offered with Progressive jackpots.


The original game of luck, Lottery has ruled over the casino industry for as long as gambling has existed.  The crypto version of the game rewards the players highly in every draw. The design of the lottery includes a countdown timer for each ongoing round. Winning odds can be calculated beforehand using the total numbers of Pot, tickets, and the current reward amount. At CryptoGames, each lot is drawn every week on two days. Wednesday and Saturday. All lots are drawn using random numbers generated through RandomPicker. Which is a third-party app processing unbiased results. The maximum limit for ticket purchases is set to 10000 lottery tickets per lottery round( per person). Every lottery round has a limited number of 50000 tickets.



The most recently created game on the website of CryptoGames is Keno. It is the 10th game that the casino has curated for its players. Many consider Keno to be a lottery-style game. Its crypto version is finely crafted with unique visuals and an entertaining objective. Keno is an extremely lightweight game that is played to pick lucky numbers from a poll of 40 numbers. The players are compensated based on the number of correct guesses they have made from the poll. This means, that if they can predict the numbers properly then they will be able to score rewards based on the payout multiplier assigned for the numbers.


House Edges of the Games:

  • Dice -1.0%.
  • Slot- 1.97%.
  • Blackjack- 1.25%.
  • Lottery- 0%.
  • Roulette- 2.7%.
  • Minesweeper- 1.0%.
  • Keno – 1.0%
  • Video Poker -2.09%
    • Jacks or Better- 2.11%.
    • Tens or Better- 2.08%.
    • Bonus- 2.09%.
  • Plinko – 1.72&
  • Green Ball- 1.63%.
    • Red Ball- 1.84%.
    • Blue Ball- 1.52%.
    • Yellow Ball- 1.56%.

Credit Card Deposit for Fiat Currencies:

Reducing the hassle of relying on exchanges or mediums for fiat transactions, CryptoGames has introduced Onramper on the website. Along with its modern service, the agile system makes depositing fiat currencies way faster than ever before. Onramper is a third-party integrator that enables transactions from your credit card. Depositing fiat currencies is only available for BTC and ETH blockchains. Onramper is known widely for its secure methods of depositing the funds, so, the players on board are expecting great service from it for a long time. However, in no way, CryptoGames handle the credit card transactions themselves. Therefore, to complete any of their transaction processes, players may have to pass additional KYC verifications at Onramper.

How to Use the system:

In order to complete the transactions, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Select desired crypto to purchase.
  2. Select desired fiat currency for paying for the purchase.
  3. Select the payment method for processing the purchase.
  4. After selecting a gateway, fill-up the form of personal information required by the selected fiat gateway.
  5. After filling up the form, Onramper will send all data you have provided to the chosen gateway. After that, the transaction will be completed.


Available Cryptocurrencies:

There are a total of 10 high-value cryptocurrencies at CryptoGames. They can all be used for all the games on the website. Except for Lottery, which enables the use of 4 selected cryptocurrencies. Available cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Monero, GAS, Solana, and Dash.

The first-ever online casino to launch Solana:

CryptoGames has enabled the use of Solana at the casino on September 22, 2021. It has become the first online crypto casino to introduce Solana to the world of online gambling. The casino believes in the great possibilities Solana has to offer. The blockchain has already become an impactful layer-1 blockchain.  It was established in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko. With great scalability, Solana can process a transaction throughput of 50,000 TPS. It also uses the Optimistic Concurrency Control technique to deliver the largest number of throughputs within seconds. Moreover, Solana’s transaction costs are unbelievably low across the globe.

Get Provably Fair Results:

CryptoGames is always ready to tackle any of your worries regarding your bets by ensuring provably fair policies. Blindly trusting an online gambling platform to handle your funds with honesty might be tough. CryptoGames is very transparent in this regard by generating all bets without any biased adulteration. The casino also provides impartial results for Lottery using RandomPicker. The third-party digital application processes completely randomized draws every week.

Reliable Customer Support:

The end goal of CryptoGames is to ensure quality entertainment which they are offering by allowing gamblers to enjoy in a regulated way and a safe environment. Players’ engagement on the website, is always welcomed as long as they engage in their activities responsibly. In the betting world, it is not a rare sight to see people getting addicted to this type of entertainment. Therefore, CryptoGames’ prevention policy is working consistently to reduce all the negative effects of gambling and to promote responsible gambling to others. Moreover, they have taken it as their responsibility to make sure that the experience of gambling at the casino is thoroughly enjoyable and exciting. However, at the same time, they urge the users to be aware of the possible negative effects of extreme gambling on social and financial stages of life.

Catch the Winning Spirit with CryptoGames

If you are curious about the real dominator of online casinos over the internet, then CryptoGames is the one you need to know about! The casino is an allrounder for its innovative entertainment system. This means any user experience will be on the positive side always. Being an online casino that constantly strives for innovation, it has claimed the title of being one of the most trustworthy platforms that provide both efficiency, and modernization. In the present day, CryptoGames has a great influence on the modern gambling culture by simply remaining loyal to all its users. Fair to say, the unending confidence of thousands of responsible gamblers will take the casino only to the top with its consistent innovative and entertaining methods.


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