While cross-chain protocols are a fairly new addition to the blockchain space, they’re vital to the overall growth of the industry. Cross-chain technology is essentially the fundamental architecture enabling interoperability allowing sovereign blockchain networks to connect without an intermediary. As blockchain protocols are initially created as isolated environments (by natureContinue Reading

Introduction A decentralized financial system, sometimes known as “DeFi” for short, is an economic model that does not rely on a centralized institution, such as a bank, to facilitate monetary transactions such as purchases and money transfers between people. The blockchain network is made up of hundreds, if not thousands,Continue Reading

Defi.Watch: Nifty Crypto Portfolio Tracker  As many new DeFi (decentralized finance) platforms come into existence every single day, people, who are interested in profiting from their crypto holdings, may find it extremely difficult to collect information about emerging projects, compare their offers, and detect the most lucrative crypto earning opportunities.Continue Reading

Cryptocurrencies are known for their extreme volatility. Unlike traditional markets, crypto exchanges operate round-the-clock, and prices fluctuate wildly within minutes. Crypto traders might find it difficult to respond to such rapid price movements in a timely manner. This is where crypto trading bots can help. Traders can implement the pre-definedContinue Reading