One of the primary strategies for making money with crypto is crypto staking and playing online blockchain games. The other ones include investing and trading, lending, crypto social media, mining and then through airdrops.

Staking for a reward has become more popular this day since the advent of the Proof of stake mechanism to validate a blockchain and add new blocks. Here people stake their cryptocurrency as a form of liquidity and later dividends gained from such pools are split among staking members as an Annual percentage yield (APY). most staking platforms offer from 2% to 15% APY. Linkedpalm on the other hand offers more APY.

Linkedpalm is a decentralised crypto staking and blockchain gaming platform developed with the aim of building high-yield staking and online games that are fully decentralised and sustainable, meeting up the community’s requested privacy, transparency, and security standard. Linkedpalm has state-of-the-art infrastructure and ecosystems to make online blockchain games and crypto staking simpler, easier, safer, and capable of providing a higher Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for community members.

Linkedpalm by design offers its stakers up to 2% daily yield on their crypto by combining staking with blockchain casino games. For instance, $100 worth of TRX staked for a 30days duration can earn up to $75 worth of TRX. Early investors are currently rewarded with higher returns as they lay the foundation for the pool of funds for the blockchain games. Again the platform is rewarding community members who refer others with up to a 10% referral bonus. This is also another way to make more profit on the platform while helping the community grow.

On the gaming platforms, winners of linkedpalm games stand a chance to win up to 600% of their gaming cost. The games coming on the platform are easy to understand and play games. This would include dice games, spin-the-wheel games, simple betting games, Arcade games, Board games and Card games.

Tronix (TRX) is the cryptocurrency used on the linkedpalm platform as the platform is developed on the Tron blockchain network. To stake or participate in these games go to using a DApp wallet browser like Tronlink pro. Further instructions on Getting started can be found here.