Cryptocurrencies are known for their extreme volatility. Unlike traditional markets, crypto exchanges operate round-the-clock, and prices fluctuate wildly within minutes. Crypto traders might find it difficult to respond to such rapid price movements in a timely manner. This is where crypto trading bots can help. Traders can implement the pre-definedContinue Reading

When people want to invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, they need to find a platform from which to buy them. A platform, also known as an exchange, is where they can buy and sell crypto. To select the right Canadian crypto exchange, investors need to consider these seven factors.Continue Reading

London, April 18, 2022: Cryptobite, a cryptocurrency, and especially bitcoin-based media organization is changing the way people consume news and information about cryptocurrencies.    Cryptobite has successfully established itself among the most innovative media companies by harnessing the latest technologies to create and distribute cryptocurrency and blockchain-based content to itsContinue Reading

The movie director association made an agreement with the blockchain enterprises to commence South Korea NFT movie business and make international movies. The representative of the movie director association, Roy Kim (CEO of Hackers Holdings Ltd), Jung Il Park (COO of Live Partners Ltd) and Hanna (CEO of FD HoldingsContinue Reading

Recently, the crypto asset market remains in the doldrums, which greatly affects the originally hot Metaverse blockchain game sector. But paying too much attention to the market will narrow the vision, and the Metaverse has formed great potential in the larger external market. Looking at the world, not only technology giantsContinue Reading