GoldenTiger is launching on January 30th of 2022. This new ecosystem will provide customers with both innovative financial structure and a loyal asset. Its unique development will reward all the $Tiger holders with an interest from each transaction as well as sparing them from harmful practices of whales. TheContinue Reading

People are becoming more interested in NFTs. The NFT sector is now worth billions of dollars. Many famous people are interested in NFTs, and collectibles are taking the internet community to the next level. What exactly are the Cryptomobs? The designers of this project sought to take things to theContinue Reading

“ If crypto is an endless space, then NFT’s are the black holes of it.” – Avanik Vekariya, Founder, Citrus Tech.  In the blockchain, NFT is a digital collection of valuables and assets. This material prepares gamers in their games to buy inventory collections such as ammunition, food, and otherContinue Reading

An NFT is a unique type of token generated via cryptographic hashing. Blockchain technology makes it possible to link NFT without being replicated. Unlike the usual virtual tokens that are fungible, NFTs cannot be replaced with similar tokens. Within an NFT, a smart contract helps keep unique information that distinguishesContinue Reading