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bankex review

A large number of financial concerns are showing their interests in tokenizing aspects nowadays with respect to the tremendous growth of the cryptocurrency market. Bankex is one such financial marketplace dealing with cryptocurrencies This platform handles the cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoins (LTC), and SALT and more. ItContinue Reading

coinmetro review exchange review

CoinMetro is an innovative cryptocurrency trading platform that uses the technology of blockchains for its operation. Nowadays each and every financial business sector, especially the business related to the digital assets aids in the advanced blockchain technologies. Off course, a connection is being built up with the experienced developers andContinue Reading

azbit ico review

The cryptocurrency market is the fastest growing economy in the world today, but it has failed to gain its success and popularity unlike the other traditional financial institutions like Forex. Cryptocurrency is a fairly new concept and over the years it has attracted many investors. Some of them, however, areContinue Reading


Adshares is an online decentralized ad platform or network that creates a revolution in the field of advertising. It uses the technology of blockchains and it was launched in June 2017. The type of blockchain used here is referred to as ESC or Enterprise Service Chain, which powers the networkContinue Reading

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