Adshares is an online decentralized ad platform or network that creates a revolution in the field of advertising. It uses the technology of blockchains and it was launched in June 2017. The type of blockchain used here is referred to as ESC or Enterprise Service Chain, which powers the network of Adshares. It purely relies on smart contracts, which are responsible for holding all the tokens and funds.
It is based on Peer – to – peer mechanism and facilitates programmatic advertising. It allows direct trading for advertisers and publishers, since it does not require any centralized advertisement exchange for its operation. It is being designed with the techniques related to machine learning. Its partnership concerns include Brand Sabbath, Cryptopia, Bio info bank and Pigeon.

ESC facilitates simple, instant and faster transactions, which are nothing but the transfer of tokens between various accounts. The organization of accounts in ESC is done in a hierarchical manner. The transaction blocks are established at regular intervals on the basis of a principle known as ‘Proof – of – stake’.
VIP nodes are the type of nodes that have complete control over the accounts of the users. Such nodes extract information about the local account transactions and then submit the collect details to the blockchain network.The minimum amount of funds delivered by this platform during the ICO pre – sale is 1 million US Dollars ($1 million). Jacek Zemlo and Dr Leszek Rychlewski are the two co – founders of this platform.
The tokens of adshares are referred to as ADST or Adshares tokens, which are ERC – 20 compatible in nature. Also conversion is possible with these ERC – 20 tokens. The price of adshares tokens depend on its total supply. The value of 1 ethereum is 2500 ADST.
With the issue of every 1,000,000 tokens, the increase in token price is $0.01. The funds of this platform are splitted for the puposes of marketing, product development, advertising and partnerships. When an user wants to access adshares network, he should create an ESC blockchain account with the help of an API. The ESC blockchain helps the publishers in finding appropriate and valuable advertisers. ADS token is listed on Graviex exchange. You can trade it with BTC and LTC. You may take help of trading software

Unique features of Adshares:
It contains a simple and efficient architecture with an extra ordinary performance rate.
It imposes only very low charges because of its enhanced competition. This means that it allows transactions at a cheaper cost.
It is highly resistant to censorship issues.
It contains an unlimited amount of tokens, until it reaches the goal.
It focuses mainly on micro payments and is built exclusively for better performance.
It offers great security with the help of an in – built 2FA and a distinct two – tier node structure.
It can even allow transfer of around 100k per second, thereby ensuring high performance.
It distributes dividends to each and every token holder in the system, irrespective of mining.
It overcomes all the risk factors associated with the platform.
It gives several incentives to its valuable users.
It can be accessed over smart phones due to its light weight clients.
Its tokens are highly stable in nature. It ensures an improved functionality and privacy.
It provides a variety of tools for making the transactions and payments legal.
It avoids the entry of various malicious softwares into the system.
Its token price is dynamic and token supply is elastic in nature.
It offers a variety of advertising services to its advertisers and publishers.