In the surge of the current trends, there has been a lot of excitement going around the news of the launch of the cricket-based “play to earn” NFT gaming guild. Unique marketing strategies and aspect surrounding the NFT collectibles has been the fact that these digital tokens will be a crucial part of the gaming NFT space. The world’s first NFT cricket game from Guardian Link. It is an instant NFT marketplace launchpad, and is gearing up to release another killer platform. They were previously responsible for Beyond Link, which is another successful NFT marketplace in the NFT space.

Announcement surrounding the launch

In case you’ve not heard of the official announcements from them, then the chances are that you might have come across the news on social media posts. Though there is some speculation as to what the marketplace entails. We shall delve a little deeper into what to expect from the platform. That is what this blog is here to decrypt – all the updates and give out more information about the upcoming cricket NFT launch event.

What could graze the launch of Jump Trade marketplace?

Jump Trade is launching a series of NFT accessories as part of the roadmap. And on April 22 – the marketplace is set to launch Super Loot Box NFTs. A randomly generated NFT accessory that can be used in the game. It is released with the cricket NFT collectibles as part of the package based on the world’s first metaverse cricket game, “Meta Cricket League.” 

The countdown to the launch can be viewed on the Jump Trade NFT marketplace. The marketplace would be trailblazing the future drops as the official NFT marketplace for the upcoming NFT cricket game. All the products and platforms are developed backed by its technical partner. Guardian Link, an NFT launchpad solution, which already has a noteworthy, established portfolio. 

What can be expected in the Super Loot Box NFT collections?

As per Jump Trade’s website – the NFT marketplace – one can find the NFT collectibles could take the form of digital cricket player cards, cricket bat cards, and other special releases of special NFT collectibles signed by many iconic cricket players. The Super Loot NFT drop has gained traction since the first announcement came out earlier in March.


The NFT items presented in the “Super Loot box” could be available in one of the two options displayed, i.e., – Metaverse cricket team players NFT & Metaverse cricket team players NFTs which are authenticated and signed digital NFTs of cricket legends. The pricing of the NFT collectibles has also been released – one generated NFT collectible costing $25 and a pack collection of 5 NFT collectibles costing $125. A bonus treasure box NFT giveaway is available for participants who buy 5 NFT collectibles or more. 

How to be a part of the super loot?

To create an account on Jump Trade NFT marketplace, you can simply follow the self-explanatory protocols mentioned there. It is a fairly simple process to follow for anyone with a smartphone or a system. Fill in the details like name, email address, and relevant contact details. Followed with a strong password for the account under creation in the “Sign Up” option present on the page. Then participants can proceed to carefully verify their email address through the protocols mentioned in the verification email. After that, you are all set to go to funding the wallet given in the Jump Trade marketplace. It can be done with at least 100 Tether/USDT funded to the wallet. 

Finally, you are fully geared up to grab your first cricket-themed P2E NFT assets for the world’s first P2E cricket game on April 22, 2022.

What kind of expectations has the platform set for itself?

The interaction with the event’s announcement skyrocketed. Differing levels of speculations came into the foray as many social media, gaming, and NFT experts came out with their own expert opinions. It showed the amount of interest that people are expecting from the platform. Simply put, we can understand the amount of craze and buzz around the NFT drop just by seeing the number of interactions. Likes and comments, under the posts of the marketplace outlets that talk about the Super Loot NFT drop. Social media and technical community platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Clubhouse, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

How does the Jump Trade meta cricket league contribute to the NFT sports-based gaming guilds?

Paying attention to the growth of blockchain gaming as a separate domain. One can notice that there has been a steady spike since the commencement of the global pandemic in 2020. An unanticipated result of ecosystems of P2E games based on battles like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Splinterlands, Alien Worlds, etc., proved their place in the gaming sector. NFT “play to earn” based games have interfaces that have occupied the podium. In the blockchain world owing to the fun, ease, and money-making ability. New-age gamers have taken to adopting these games and earning money and are continuing to resort to them. Since they could make more money through gaming in the NFT space. A noteworthy point to take away from this is the number of people taking up blockchain-based games when the global pandemic had questioned their survival. 

Concluding thoughts

The actual metaverse-based cricket game could bring about new avenues of new passive earning options for today’s millennials. Evidently, they have been looking forward to investing their time and resources to better themselves in today’s time. The Meta Cricket League NFT game could potentially help incentivize the player’s time. While also serving as a high-end entertainment platform.