In the first half of 2021, Axie Infinity, which combines games and DeFi, successfully went viral and became the leader of the blockchain game market in the second half of the year. Almost all the most popular DApps in main public chains were concentrated in the blockchain game sector. In the final analysis, the rise of the blockchain game wave is mainly due to the success of the Play to Earn model.

Before starting the Play to Earn of the blockchain game, players generally are required to have a certain amount of investment to purchase the NFT of the game’s characters, and earn game tokens by participating in the game scenes. Its internal logic is similar to traditional hardware mining, but the core key lies in the payback period. Early players participating in Axie Infinity can even get far surreal work benefits because of the higher price of their game token -SLP. However, as the Axie Infinity player group reaches a million-level scale, the continuous increase in SLP generation has caused its price to continue to decrease, and its Play to Earn revenue has been greatly reduced. DNAxCAT far surpasses Axie Infinity’s Play to Earn revenue, which has made it the No.1 popular blockchain game in the BSC network.

DNAxCAT is a digital cat pet world blockchain game. DNAxCAT is similar to Axie in gameplay, which mainly earns SFC (small fish cake) as Play to Earn revenue by completing the PVE Adventure, PVE Arena and daily tasks in the game. Although the minimum participation standard for the DNAxCAT game is 3 cats, it is recommended that players prepare 5 cats to reach the threshold for participating in the PVP Arena, so that to complete daily tasks to get more SFC rewards

Currently, the cost for civilian players to own 5 cats has been reduced. Compared with the minimum investment of 4000 USDT when the game was officially launched, it has dropped to around 2000 USDT. This is mainly attributed to the competition among players in the cat breeding market. The large number of cats that have been bred so that to depress the market price. However, the price of SFC is still stable above 2 USDT. Assume we calculate based on the current average of 90 SFCs obtained by a player with 5 cats per day, the player’s payback period is about 12-14 days while the investment payback period of Axie Infinity are more than 3 months.

The fact that the latecomers are on the top seems to be an ancient truth. Although Axie Infinity is the pioneer of Play to Earn, the pursuit of higher and stable returns is also the biggest demand of current investors. Even if DNAxCAT’s SFC is reduced to 1 USDT, the daily income of 90 USDT will only take about 24 days payback period, which has almost crushed all investment targets in the market. So, let’s take advantage of the continuous trending of the Metaverse blockchain game, it is time to play DNAxCAT now!

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