Investing in real estate has been the most preferred way to make wealth for a long time now. Even though most people do this as a side job, there are many who make income with just this trade and that is how much it has proliferated. As technology advances and a global pandemic forces us to go virtual for our everyday needs, there is a necessity for this business to adapt to the changes. RealT has been sincerely working on this aspect and it now offers a range of decentralised services. 

What is RealT? 

RealT platform ensures users of decentralised protection and for the first time, investors can buy the US real estate with fully compliant, fractional, and tokenized control. The advanced technology platform allows investors to buy fractional real estate with all the transactions happening through blockchain. As the tenant pays the rent, the investors get a percentage of it depending on their investment in USDC via Ethereum or xDai network. By investing in RealT, the investor benefits from low maintenance property ownership, access to cash flows in the form of rents. Faster, efficient and frictionless ownership transactions with the use of Real tokens. 

RealT also makes use of the Ethereum based insurance platform, Opium. Apart from property damage, the rental is also covered by insurance. If in case the tenant has to relocate because of the property damage, they will not be paying rent for that period of relocation. The insurance policy through Opium takes care of such issues and pays the owner with the rent amount. 

How does RealT function?

The buyer chooses the amount of rent they expect to receive from the RealT property that they want to protect. Even if there is no occupancy or no rent, it will be compensated proportionally. They then have to transfer a premium to the decentralised smart contract to get a tokenized position. Buyers can stake money into the smart contract pool in the case of no occupancy. Since there is no tenant, the collateral of the sellers will be used to compensate buyers of protection. Sellers can unstake on the 1st of every month as a simple ERC20 token. 

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