London UK– April 29, 2024 – In an innovative move within the cryptocurrency landscape, Pepe On Fire has officially launched $PFIRE, a meme token designed to offer a unique approach to community engagement and tokenomics. Launched on April 17, 2024, $PFIRE has already achieved an all-time high market cap of $2.2 million, signaling strong community interest and market traction.

The $PFIRE token incorporates a 5% transfer fee on transactions, of which 3% is automatically burned. This feature ensures that $PFIRE is not just a token but a deflationary asset that becomes rarer over time, potentially increasing in value as the total supply diminishes. The additional 2% of the transfer fee is allocated to continuous marketing and operational efforts, supporting the token’s growth and stability.

Pepe On Fire has a distinctive backstory that resonates with its audience. Inspired by the iconic meme figure Pepe the Frog, Pepe On Fire symbolizes resilience and vigilance within the Solana community, especially against scams and fraudulent schemes. The project’s narrative is about transformation and empowerment, with Pepe using his “fire” to protect the community and destroy deceptive practices.

Further enhancing its credibility and community commitment, Pepe On Fire is intricately linked with the Reward Protocol (REWD), sharing the same development and marketing team. This collaboration ensures a streamlined approach to development and user engagement, leveraging shared resources and expertise to optimize both platforms.

$PFIRE’s tokenomics, dubbed ‘Firenomics’, are built on a foundation of security and transparency. The token was launched via a fair stealth launch with locked liquidity and no pre-sale events, ensuring a level playing field for all participants. The initial supply was set at 10 trillion tokens, with a strategic plan to reduce this number through automatic burns with each transaction.

In terms of distribution, 20% of the supply is designated for airdrops to top holders of Solana projects, enhancing distribution equity and fostering wider community involvement. An additional 10% is earmarked for Solana-focused marketing initiatives, involving key opinion leaders within the ecosystem to broaden outreach and adoption.

The $PFIRE team comprises seasoned developers who have been active in the crypto space since 2013, ensuring that the project is managed by experienced hands familiar with the nuances of cryptocurrency projects and community dynamics.

For those interested in joining the $PFIRE community or learning more about the token, extensive information is available on the project’s website at The site includes further insights into the project’s goals and additional resources for potential buyers and community members.

About Pepe On Fire

Pepe On Fire is a community-driven project in the cryptocurrency space, inspired by the widely recognized meme culture. It aims to leverage the symbolic figure of Pepe to promote community engagement and protect the integrity of the Solana ecosystem through innovative tokenomics and active community participation. $PFIRE is not just a token but a statement against scams and a commitment to community empowerment.

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