LitCraft IDO and Token Listing Completes, Strengthening Its Position in the Blockchain Gaming Space

Followed by overwhelming support from the community and enthusiasts, Litcraft has officially finished its IDO and  Token Listing, establishing a strong foundation in the blockchain gaming space.

LitCraft is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its IDO on six launchpads: Kommunitas, PixelRealm, Kingdom Starter, TrustFi, iXiRPAD, and SporesNetwork. The successful sell-out on these renowned platforms led to the listing of the $FIAS token, demonstrating strong community and investor support. This milestone underscores LitCraft’s dedication to fostering a vibrant ecosystem where creativity thrives and opportunities abound.

Holding $FIAS tokens offers numerous benefits and functionalities within the LitCraft universe. Players can use $FIAS for in-game purchases, ensuring true ownership of digital assets that can be traded or sold. The token facilitates seamless transactions across multiple games and platforms, providing a unified experience. Holders earn rewards through in-game activities and community engagement. They also have the ability to participate in governance decisions, influencing the game’s development. $FIAS is essential for creating and managing guilds, funding activities, and rewarding members. It supports continuous content expansion by funding new game developments and licensing. Additionally, $FIAS facilitates real-world asset integration and gig economy applications, bridging the digital and real worlds. Staking $FIAS allows holders to earn additional tokens and contribute to network security, enhancing the overall integrity of the blockchain.

LitCraft lets players truly own and trade the game items they earn, offering a tangible connection between gaming achievements and real-world value, such as selling a rare sword for real money. The platform provides a variety of games and styles, ensuring engagement and fun for all players. LitCraft stands out due to its scalability and ease of integration, using blockchain technology to prevent fraud and theft, ensuring item safety. Its strong focus on compliance makes it reliable for global users.

In a remarkable display of market confidence and investor interest, LitCraft  has successfully raised over 40% of its targeted funds within just the first 6 hours of its launch all across the launchpad platforms. This rapid fundraising underscores strong support from the community and highlights can be attributed to its unique features, such as the open-ended magical universe of Nysperience, the Play-to-Own concept, and the opportunity for players to earn real-world money through gameplay and business ventures within the game.

Following the IDO and listing, LitCraft plans to attract new users through targeted marketing and regular updates. Leveraging strong industry connections, the LitCraft team has announced that at least six AAA titles will join the $FIAS ecosystem, starting with a game boasting over 250 million downloads. The $FIAS token’s utility will expand with more in-game transaction options, cross-platform functionalities, and staking rewards. Strategic partnerships will enhance interoperability and content diversity. Technological improvements will focus on scalability and security, while governance mechanisms will involve $FIAS holders in decision-making. Real-world integration will target gig economy functionalities and tokenizing assets. Continuous development, supported by community feedback, will ensure ongoing improvement.

About LitCraft 

LitCraft is a magical sci-fi fantasy universe where players play-to-own items across a variety of game styles, from casual puzzle games to competitive NFT card battlers. Players can collect and craft items, including monetizable ones like skins and power-ups, which can be bought in the marketplace. With over 20 games available, LitCraft allows players to own the value they create in online experiences, extending to digital representations of real-world assets and gig economy work. Powered by the $FIAS token.

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