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CryptoGames is one of the most sought-after crypto casinos in today’s list of online gambling platforms. Since it began its journey, CryptoGames has been offering equal and fair entertainment for all the players. It has enabled full use of cryptocurrencies in its entire system and has offered the players 9 entertaining games. The library of games offers pure entertainment to every gambler stepping foot onto the website. CryptoGames has also maintained top-quality security for all its users and successfully delivers classic entertainment in an entirely digital form.


At CryptoGames, the system offers 10 broadly used cryptocurrencies like the widely known Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The casino became the first crypto casino that enabled full use of Solana on its website. CryptoGames’ wide variety of offered cryptocurrencies and their accessibility brings about gamblers from around the world every day. They can easily depend on the casino to enjoy a more flexible crypto gambling with a low and reasonable house edge policy. Its main attraction is of course the compact yet intensely enjoyable games. Each one of the games has been handpicked and sorted in the neatest way possible. The games and the events have been customized in such a way that there is no dull moment at the casino. Fund deposits or reward withdrawals are completed in the most straightforward way possible. The transaction system features third-party websites like ChangeNow and Onramper. Under the same roof, the whole casino offers a smooth user interface and worthy entertainment.

Handpicked List of Games:

Breaking the mainstream idea of hosting loud and over-the-top games, CryptoGames offers aesthetically pleasing design in its games. The games are unfailingly attracting gamblers, especially the new ones towards the casino. CryptoGames has smartly chosen 9 classic games to be presented in their modern form. Since every single game in its library has their classic touch in them, they have gained loyal players since the beginning. The casino prioritizes quality over quantity hence after thoughtful consideration, the casino released Dice, one of its original games in a completely revamped take. All total, there are 9 games on the website. The casino offers 10 different cryptocurrencies to access the games with. However, the privilege of using your cryptocurrencies is only granted if you have a fully registered account. At this very moment, you will be able to play:





Video Poker,




and Lottery.

Guidelines for all the games will be provided on the “How to Play” tab located in every game’s section. Additional information regarding the additional elements of the games can be found on their pages. Beginners will be able to follow the guidelines very easily since they are written in a very beginner-friendly form. To play the games, you will need:




Bitcoin Cash,



Ethereum Classic,



and Dash.


Dice has always been known as a highly used apparatus in making predictions or playing board games. It is always a popular game that can be played for great fun. CryptoGames decided to keep the modern version of it where players roll their dice and predict whether their result will be what they pick before the roll. Dice shows great potential for outcomes where for every bet made, a player gets a range of 0.000 to 99.999 winning chances. The bet will be made for one of two conditions. In one condition, the roll may show a number less than a given number and in the other condition, the roll may show a number more than a given number. Players choose any between the two and make a guess. If the dice result matches the prediction, then the player will get compensated for it. Otherwise Roll again.


A true example of highly attractive games in any classic casino, is hands down, Slot. The game comes in a neat design where the players get to experience the vibe of a classic slot machine. The game’s easy outlook and rules make it extremely simple for beginners to navigate. The reels in the Slot machine spin once a bet has been customized and placed for final. 5 reels have to line up in the middle of the machine. All of them have to form one of the winning combinations. The players get 7 winning combinations to land on. Any one of them will reward the player according to the payout table. The reels don’t have to follow any specified order to be aligned in the middle. As long as they all line up in the middle row, they will be considered the winning combination.


The game is widely played around the world and is often known as 21. Everyone who loves card games will surely know or must have played Blackjack at one point in a group. Blackjack is designed to be one of the most modern games on the website that has a fair and lucrative payout table for all. The rules for Blackjack is as simple as one can imagine. By keeping a hand value lower than 21 or simply by beating the dealer without getting their points over 21; any player can easily win the game. However, forming the winning hand might seem a little tricky if a player doesn’t know how the points may add up at last. Hence, the game has to be played with careful calculations. In Blackjack, a player also has the privilege to score a direct win by earning 21 points from the first two deals. If at any point a player fails to keep their score less than the stated then they will directly lose.


Like every other game on board, Roulette also comes with the most simple set of rules and lucrative payout table. The game is highly sought for having a modern outlook that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also easily understandable. Like the other two card games, Roulette is also a game that requires strategies to score easy wins. On the wheel or the betting table, a player has to carefully place the neighbor bets for the round. Since there are 37 numbers and a zero on the wheel, it means, the players will have to carefully choose the neighbor bets on the betting table. The neighbor bets can be placed using 4 presets. These presets, randomly pick the neighbor bets on the betting table and place the chips on the number it supposes to be profitable. The automatic presets are known as Neighbours of Zero, Orphans, Third of the Wheel, and Zero Game.

Video Poker:

The second card game players will get to enjoy at CryptoGames is called Video Poker and it is digitally is presented for the modern gamblers at the casino. This one is one of the most unique card games at any crypto casino because of its three variants called Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. Video Poker is built with one of the most entertaining design that pleases both new and old card gamblers. Players can switch from and to the three variants by using the toggle bar kept at the top left corner of the game board. Each variant comes with highly lucrative payout sums and their house edges. The game also carries the chance of winning a highly profitable royal flush. In the royal flush, players get to earn a payout multiplier of 500 and increase their regular payout amounts. Rules for winning the Royal Flush is given on the games’ page.


One of the games that have made its way into the casino straight from the era of the 1980s, is Plinko. The game had won a great number of fans when it was televised on the gaming show called “The Price is Right”. Now both physical and online casinos are including Plinko in their list for its undying popularity. CryptoGames has gained many praises for offering the game in their systems. Its digital version makes it one of the fanciest games on the website. Despite its amazing popularity, the digital version still represents the classic design where the game used to be played on a pegged pyramid. CryptoGames’ version of the game displays a digitally pegged pyramid that includes all four colors of balls and their payout multipliers on the pyramid. Once the players make their balls reach one of the profitable slots, they are compensated according to the house edge and payout multiplier the color carries. The four available colors for the balls are Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.


One of the most digitalized and modern versions of Dice can be found at CryptoGames, where the latest version is called, DiceV2. In a completely new attire, the game is offered to all the players for pure entertainment. The new architecture also includes the progressive jackpot which rewards the players with additional payouts and enhances the thrill they find in the game. The game is played with the aim to make a correct prediction about the result. The game comes with easily understandable rules that have no additional complications. Much like the original version, DiceV2 allows the players to bag their payout amounts as soon as their prediction comes true. They choose one condition between two and wait for their Dice to roll for that result. If they successfully make a correct prediction then the roll stops on the green zone of the Slider. Otherwise, it rolls outside the zone and the player has to make the bet again. In the new design, the players get to use the slider bar, to see their winning chances and payout multiplier. The slide can be moved back and forth to adjust the settings.


For every computer gamer, Minesweeper’s presence in CryptoGames is a great option to indulge in a nostalgic vibe. It is undoubtedly a favorite for all computer users since the modern crypto version still carries the classic essence of the game. In the casino, Minesweeper’s design consists of a field that displays several mines where there are no hints or flags to guide the players. However, the players have a high chance of earning a good sum of rewards in each round. They also have the opportunity to choose the number of mines they would like to clear in a field. Minesweeper is an easy game to earn the rewards with since it allows the players to cash out their rewards at any point before hitting a mine. The hardest level of the field consists of 24 mines and only one coin. The winning chances for the most difficult level is only 4%. However, if you are a big risk taker and love the thrill, then you can always increase the difficulty level as per your convenience.


The recently added creation has already gained a lot of appreciation for its old school mixed with a modern objective. The game has a visual that is similar to the one players find in Minesweeper. The latest creation comes with a chic architecture consisting of a neat poll of numbers and useful features. Keno adds more variety to the games list as its essence reflects the growing potential of entertainment through old-school games. If players are successful in clearing the objective of the game, then they can win a lucrative amount of rewards in every bet. The simple objective of the game requires players to randomly or manually pick 1-10 numbers from a poll of 40. The bets for Keno can also be made through the Auto Bet function.


Play the classic Lottery in its Crypto version only at CryptoGames. Participate in the thrilling Lot draws by simply buying one or several tickets. The game is built to have the most simple rule where the casino doesn’t even require you to do any additional things to participate in the game. If a lucky ticket drawn belongs to you, then you will get to take home the entire prize money. This is only available for the game of Lottery since CryptoGames offers a No house edge policy for the game. This makes sure the entire profit that comes from the ticket sale is given back to the winners. Players need to keep in mind that Lottery is only available for the users of 4 cryptocurrencies. Tickets are available for purchase from the “Buy Tickets” tab. Players can also use the Chatbox to buy the tickets for each round. They can check out the total number of tickets available and decide how many they would like to purchase for one round. If they own a winning ticket, then their lot will be drawn on the day specified for the cryptocurrency they have used to purchase the tickets.

House Edges for Each of the Games:

  • Dice and DiceV2: 1%
  • Slot: 1.97%
  • Blackjack: 1.253%
  • Lottery: 0%
  • Roulette: 2.7%
  • Minesweeper: 1%
  • Video Poker – Jacks or Better: 2.11%
  • Video Poker – Tens or Better: 2.08%
  • Video Poker – Bonus Poker: 2.09%
  • Plinko – Green ball: 1.63%
  • Plinko – Red ball: 1.84%
  • Plinko – Blue ball: 1.52%
  • Plinko – Yellow ball: 1.56%
  • Keno – 1.0%

Useful PlayMoney:

Once a player completes the basic registration, they will find some play currency in their account. The play currency is called PlayMoney. With the play currency, 8 games on the casino can be played without any restrictions. The exception for Play Money is Lottery. All the players can check out all of the 8 games according to the total amount they have in their Play Money fund. More play currency can be earned through the Faucet feature where the players can make requests according to their player level. Since high player level grants more number of faucet requests, players can engage themselves in the casino to increase their levels. They can do so by simply placing bets, chatting with the players, contributing towards building a strong community, etc.

Brilliant Progressive Jackpots:

At any regular casino, Jackpots increase the excitement of winning any bet, so if it is being offered in a Crypto version, then, needless to say, the thrill of playing at the casino, doubles up. Hence, to raise the excitement in each bet, CryptoGames hosts Progressive Jackpots for three of its games: Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette. With each bet, players can look out for these few conditions that will lead to a winning jackpot.

Conditions for Dice and DiceV2: 

  • Dice roll result must be either 7.777 or 77.777
  • Players have to predict a winning roll
  • The player’s placed bet amount and profit amount meet the least required amount stated by the casino
  • Player’s Server seed and client seed after being encrypted and combined in SHA512 are the last two digits are 77

Conditions for Roulette: 

  • In all four consecutive bets, players must use the same cryptocurrency and score 7.
  • All the profit amounts are higher than the bet amount placed.
  • Minimum bet and profit amount stated by the casino met without any complications.

Unadulterated Results: 

Each of the games and the jackpots are provably fair and has no adulteration in processing results. Fair policies at the casino ensure that all players can even check their bet results after each round of play. This also ensures that no cheating on the website. Hash and seeds can help the players to check the fairness of each bet as soon as the bets are processed. There will be more explanation regarding this on the website. To give an example of how the casino provides unadulterated results, players can look at how CryptoGames hosts Lottery draws. All results in the game are processed by “RandomPicker”. The third-party application makes sure that all winners are getting picked absolutely randomly and in a completely fair method.

Modern Transactions:

With a few new updates, CryptoGames has made deposits or exchanges smoother than before. The casino has added two “new age” systems to provide modern transactions. One of which is the credit card deposit system and the other is an exchange system. The two are provided through Onramper and ChangeNow respectively. Besides these, the casino also provides regular transaction methods for the players who are more used to the regular systems. Full registration is a must to get access to the systems.


CryptoGames Providing Consistent Service:

To establish exquisite service throughout the year, CryptoGames has introduced many creative ways that have not only earned the players’ total support but have also raised the casino standards. The players here get to explore the casino’s modern components like the “BLOG” and “FORUM” where strong community gamblers help each other to get a better understanding of the casino. By going through the informative articles, news about the latest updates on the BLOG, players can open any discussion thread on the Forum and share their opinions openly regarding the website’s betterment. Moreover, the casino goes above and beyond to ensure safety along with its entertaining elements. The casino has built a responsible gambling community with all the necessary steps like Time Out Policies, Self Exclusion policies, and access to many helplines. These policies help the players to refrain themselves from letting their excitements rule them. These service policies are unmatched to date and will remain so for as long as the casino has its doors open. Therefore, without looking too far, new gamblers can find themselves fair gambling experience at CryptoGames at any time. They can earn and splurge the digital currencies inside a safe environment all while being a part of the responsible gambling community.

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