Tallinn, Estonia, June 26, 2024  – BLOCX. Technologies has announced the launch of its comprehensive Web3 solutions platform, aimed at enhancing security and efficiency in digital computing. BLOCX. offers a range of integrated services designed to meet diverse user needs, consolidating multiple tools into a single ecosystem.

BLOCX. introduces four primary products: B. Desktop, B.TXT, B. Marketplace, and B. Guard, each addressing different aspects of digital management.

B. Desktop serves as the core product, functioning as an all-in-one computer manager. It is currently available for Windows and includes features such as malware protection, system optimization, VPN services, AI assistance, remote access, and a password vault. Users can manage all these tools through a non-custodial wallet, aligning with BLOCX’s decentralization principle. The full suite is expected to be released by the end of 2024, with many features already accessible and free to use.

B.TXT is a decentralized messaging platform that enables peer-to-peer communication without a central authority, ensuring privacy and security beyond standard end-to-end encryption. Features include SHA256-bit secure encryption, wallet connect, and the ability to send crypto within chats. A web version is available, with a full mobile suite expected to launch soon.

B. Marketplace offers a distributed computing marketplace accessible via a non-custodial wallet. This marketplace allows users to rent or access computing power with ease, even without technical knowledge. BLOCX. plans to integrate with nuco.cloud, enhancing earning potential by enabling dual-platform rentals from a single interface. The B. Marketplace is set to launch shortly, facilitating the renting of computing resources for various applications, including rendering and machine learning.

B. Guard extends the capabilities of B. Desktop to mobile devices, providing features such as malware protection, system optimization, password vaults, remote access, VPN services, and a crypto wallet. B. Guard is anticipated to be available by the end of 2024.

In a move to support decentralization, BLOCX. will transition its mining algorithm from X11 to Autolykos2, the GPU-minable algorithm used by ERGO. This change aims to democratize the mining process, allowing users with GPUs to participate, preventing centralization by large ASIC miners. This algorithm shift supports the upcoming launch of B. Marketplace, where users can rent out their GPUs for various tasks.

BLOCX’s marketplace is designed to be user-friendly, offering two methods for adding machines: an automated client for easy setup and a manual method for headless or terminal-operated devices. The automated client allows users to allocate CPU, GPU, and storage resources with minimal technical knowledge, while the manual method caters to users with more extensive setups, such as mining farms. BLOCX ensures that devices remain listed even if their IP addresses change during the rental period, maintaining seamless operation.

Additionally, BLOCX is developing a bridge with Nuco.Cloud, allowing users to maximize their earning potential by renting devices on both platforms simultaneously. This integration underscores BLOCX’s commitment to providing flexible and profitable solutions for its community.

Desktop version the backbone of BLOCX. also provides a range of other features and services to enhance the user experience, including:

  • Malware Protection: Comprehensive malware detection and removal system with various scan options.
  • Device Health: System optimizer, automatic driver updates, battery saver, and afterburner mode.
  • Internet Services: Safe browser and VPN services.
  • AI Assistant: Tools like ChatBOT, scam detector, contract scanner, and website scanner.
  • Remote Access: Capability to connect to and control digital resources across devices.
  • Password Vault: Secure storage and management of user credentials.
  • Integrated Wallet: Decentralized platform for managing and safeguarding cryptocurrencies.
  • Cloud Services: Rent decentralized cloud storage or create personalized cloud storage by mounting storage from multiple devices.

BLOCX. also provides a mobile wallet for managing digital assets on the go and supports decentralized messaging through B.TXT, which includes features like voice and video calls, text-to-voice conversion, message translations, and currency swapping.

Company is registered in Tallinn, Estonia, and aims to enhance the Web3 and blockchain sectors through innovative digital solutions. The company’s comprehensive suite of tools is designed to simplify and secure the digital lives of its users.


BLOCX. is a digital solutions provider based in Tallinn, Estonia, specializing in digital life management tools and services for the Web3 industry. BLOCX’s mission is to enhance security, efficiency, and user experience through comprehensive, decentralized solutions.

For more information, visit: 

Website: https://blocx.tech/

Medium: https://medium.com/@BLOCX

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BLOCX_TECH

Discord: https://discord.gg/blocx

Telegram: https://t.me/BLOCX_TECH