Recently, the crypto asset market remains in the doldrums, which greatly affects the originally hot Metaverse blockchain game sector. But paying too much attention to the market will narrow the vision, and the Metaverse has formed great potential in the larger external market. Looking at the world, not only technology giantsContinue Reading

Inseparable from the game, the capital-favored metaverse makes gameFi blockchain game very promising. In the GameFi 1.0 stage, the Play to Earn blockchain game represented by Axe Infinity has really attracted the attention of the global crypto community. However, most of the present blockchain games overemphasize financial attributes and ignoreContinue Reading

“ If crypto is an endless space, then NFT’s are the black holes of it.” – Avanik Vekariya, Founder, Citrus Tech.  In the blockchain, NFT is a digital collection of valuables and assets. This material prepares gamers in their games to buy inventory collections such as ammunition, food, and otherContinue Reading